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Lesbian strapon monoglove fucked – Sweet Gwendoline – Wild wet lesbian bangs girlfriend with the strapon. Bondage, lesbian domination, fetish toys, video and photos! Watch and download! … HD Movie 10:14   Description Such a mono glove is only wearable for girls, whose elbows can almost be squeezed behind the back. As you can see in this video, we used our loli for this. Because the mono glove requires that the wearer be very agile. Loli awaits the sweet gwendoline in a small dark cellar. She crawls on all fours to her beloved mistress. The mature dominatrix beats and humiliates her. She has a mono glove for the cute blonde. With that she constricts my arms. Sweet, sweet gwendoline. The shackles hurt me, but Loli remains silent. The arms are gagged. She couldn’t even scream, Sweet, Sweet, Gwendoline. Oh, oh, oh, sweet, sweet gwendoline. You could now send them wonderfully as a postal package. You could also be ideal in this position (wow) yes, oh god, oh god yes. Now the mistress can fuck me wonderfully with her strapon. Yes you drive me so crazy you are so good to me As long as you tie me up, I’ll stay with you. I might be able to free you tomorrow, Sweet sweet Gwendoline! The classic mono glove is widely regarded as one of the most fascinating restrictive items of clothing. John Willie made him so immortal with his story of “Sweet Gwendoline” that some also call him “Gwendoline Glove”! You can see all these highlights

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